With over 65 years of experience in the commercial cleaning services industry, ServiceMaster Clean is a leader in janitorial cleaning services and commercial specialty cleaning, earning customer satisfaction and providing value-added service.


We gained our reputation by exceeding service expectations, by constantly innovating and by listening to our customers.


Thousands of businesses worldwide depend on ServiceMaster Clean’s professional cleaning services network for janitorial services, commercial cleaning services and carpet maintenance, to keep their workplaces looking their very best every day.



Whatever your commercial cleaning requirements, ServiceMaster Clean will create a commercial cleaning services plan to suit your particular business and budget.  

Our mission is to provide customer satisfaction by offering the best commercial cleaning services available in the industry, and to exceed service expectations every time.



ServiceMaster Clean has built its reputation for excellence in the commercial cleaning industry with over 65 years of growth and innovation, and by providing outstanding service to our customers. Through ongoing education, research and development, and listening to feedback from our customers, we have become leading experts in the field of commercial and industrial cleaning. 

With our extensive resources, knowledge base and highly-trained staff, we provide commercial cleaning services to all types of buildings and facilities including offices, corporate headquarters, healthcare facilities, schools, industrial facilities, retail stores, distribution centres, entertainment complexes including sports arenas and casinos, and even the airline industry.

ServiceMaster Clean offers a comprehensive range of professional cleaning services including janitorial, carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, and many other specialty cleaning services. We use the most advanced products, methods and up-to-date equipment, and our staff is highly-trained and courteous.

For all your cleaning requirements, contact ServiceMaster Clean, your commercial cleaning experts. We provide outstanding service for the best value, because we’ve been doing it for over 65 years.



With over 65 years of experience in the commercial cleaning industry, ServiceMaster Clean Canada has a proud history of innovation and growth achieved through a family of entrepreneurial business franchises stretching from coast to coast.

ServiceMaster Clean Milestones:

  • 1929:  Marion E Wade founds ServiceMaster as a moth-proofing company.
  • 1950s: ServiceMaster is established as one of North America’s first franchise businesses.  ServiceMaster Clean Canada founder, Thane MacNeill, develops a unique carpet cleaning maintenance program in Toronto, delivered through a network of individually owned franchises.
  • 1967: Gary Franklin joins ServiceMaster Clean with a vision to unite all Canadian franchises under one national banner to provide leadership within the industry and better service to customers.
  • 1993: ServiceMaster of Canada partners with ServiceMaster trademark in the US and is now a wholly owned subsidiary.
  • 2014: ServiceMaster goes public on the NYSE under the ticker symbol, SERV.
  • 2018: ServiceMaster Clean Canada continues to expand and develop new and innovative commercial cleaning programs, and some of the biggest and most successful individually-owned franchises in North America.



Over the years, Canada has made several contributions to the international ServiceMaster Clean operations. The Spotlight program launched in 1973 was the innovator of modern carpet care maintenance methods, and Canada also pioneered the concept of sale of separate janitorial and commercial specialty cleaning franchises, which resulted in promoting greater expertise and knowledge within each service type.